9 Ways Home Automation can Help Working Parents


The first priority as a parent is the safety of your children.  In today’s busy world most parents work, and worrying about your children’s safety while at work can make you less productive. Let’s discuss how one of our automation systems can not only make your life easier, it can also keep your family safe!  Here are 9 ways our automation systems can help.

Put Kids to Bed and Wake Them up Easily
Setting the lights to turn on and off at specific times can make that daunting task of putting your kids to bed much easier!  Some of the colors in the spectrum that today’s light bulbs give off prevents the body from producing melatonin.  By turning them off before bed time, the body can naturally get sleepy.

Scheduling the TV, music, and lights to shut down around bed time will help create the calming atmosphere that is needed to induce sleep.  Doing the reverse, ramping up the music and lights in the morning, can gently wake them up and put a pep in their step.  

Do you work odd hours? Installing a home automation system for scheduling lights to turn on and off is extremely beneficial, as it will also help kids stick to a routine.

Lock and Unlock Doors
Do you want the power to remotely unlock the door when your kids get back from school, or if they lock themselves out of the house accidentally while you’re away at work?  Home automation gives you that power.   Better yet, with their own personalized codes, they can get access immediately and you can immediately receive a notification on your mobile device as they enter. And if they leave the door unlocked, you can easily lock it right up.

Monitor What’s Going on at Home
Have you ever wanted to know if the kids have left home for school or football practice?  And if they came back home on time?  Installing some surveillance cameras in key places around the interior and exterior of the house, you can keep track of your kiddos 24/7.

Ramp Up Your Safety Measures
Pairing a home automation and security system, can significantly increase the safety of your home.  Alerts can be pushed to your phone if someone enters a potentially dangerous location, like a swimming pool.  If a kid plays with the stove or fire place and sets off the smoke or gas detectors, you will be notified immediately.

Keep Kids Away from Medicines and Poisonous Substances
We all have medicines and toxic cleaning products we use around the house.  Children, especially young ones, tend to be a very curious group and put everything in their mouth to test out.  Install cabinet and door sensors on such ‘high risk’ areas like cupboards and medicine cabinets, where these dangerous products are stored. When tied to a home automation system, these sensors will notify you immediately whenever there is access to those locations.

See Who’s at the Door
How many times have you told your kids not to open the door to strangers? And you probably worry about them all the same while you’re at work. Installing an exterior door station is a great idea as it helps your kids see who is at the door, gates, or entryways, without opening the door.

Get Homework Done
Creating a condusive work environment with your home automation system is piece of cake. Press a button on the key pad named “Study” or “Homework,” and the system will schedule the lights to turn on and the TV, gaming consoles, music systems, and other distractions to turn off when it’s time to sit down to work on school assignments.

Set The Mood With Party Mode With the press of a button you can set the house ambiance to how ever you like.  Dim the lights, turn on your favorite music, or fire up your home theater for a movie night with the family.  This makes setting up the mood for a party very easy.

Save Energy The importance of saving energy might be too much for young kids to understand.  They may leave the lights on, forget to turn the fan off, or leave the water running. Using a home automation system makes it easy for you to handle all these controls with just a press of a button, no matter how far away you are from home.

Final Words
Home automation will give you peace of mind, increase your security, keep an eye on the kids, and make your life a lot more convenient.  Please contact us today for your free consultation, and let us show you how we can use technology to enhance your lifestyle!

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