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Designs for audio distribution for commercial customers


Multi-Source, Multi-Zone Audio Distribution
Design and Installation


Distributed audio has many applications in the commercial workplace  These applications range from a sports bar wanting to be able to have a club like atmosphere for their customers to a doctors office wanting to have light background music with paging for their patients. JBM Automation designs audio systems with no hot spots and even coverage.  Same volume, every seat!


We have all been in a restaurant where the sound at one table was so loud that you could not hear the person across from you and at another table you are straining to hear a single note.  This is an example of a poorly designed system.  There a lot of these systems out there.  If you know of one or if you have one of these systems,  please contact us and let us get your system set up properly.  


Music can really set the mood of your clients.  It can be calming, it can be uplifting, in can be soft, it can be loud, and it can be shut off.  A well designed audio distribution system can enhance the experience that a person is getting.  Adding it to your place of business will only produce positive results.


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