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Sports bar and other commercial video solutions


Getting Stunning HD to Every Display, in Every Room
and making them Easy to Control


No matter if you have one video source or 100, JBM Automation can get all those sources to EVERY display using regular coax cable or cat5e.  The modulators we use, ZeeVee, are designed to create and broadcast HDTV channels over simple coax cabling. What this means is that we can use existing coax that is every to get all of your HD Sources to your displays!


ZeeVee Video DistributionHere are some benifits of using this type of system:


  • Simple to operate, you simply select a channel on the tv that coresponds to the source.

  • Adding sources is a breeze, just plug in another ZeeVee box, and all of your TVs now have access to that sources

  • Adding TV's just as simple!  Simply splice in to the exsiting cable and you are off and running! Display to as many HDTVs as you like!

  • All sources can be displayed in their native resolultion! 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i it doesn't matter.

  • Minimal down time.  If for some one reason a box fails, you simply replace it, and you are up and running again, unlike complex matrixing systems


Contact Us today and never have a single customer miss another game again.  An example of a system we have installed can be found here, ZeeVee did a case study on JBM!  Yeah Us!

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