Home networking

A strong home network is the back bone of everything in your home.

A Home Network is the back bone of today’s home. More and more devices are being put on the network, and this has increased the difficulty of getting the network working properly, and most importantly, securely. Let JBM Automation set up your network so it runs properly and securely! 

Today’s Home Networks are a complex map of routers, switches, wireless access points, computers, remotes, TVs, audio equipment, security systems, and even appliances! That is a whole lot of IP addresses! JBM Automation will get your network data flowing smoothly, and keep it that way with yearly check-ups and off site monitoring.

A poorly configured network can mean disaster for your important files, like financial data, family pictures and movies. If your network is unsecured, it leaves you and your family’s data open to hackers, identity thieves, and viruses. JBM Automation will set your firewall, and get your defenses in line so that you can feel safe when you are surfing the web. A secure network equals a happy network in today’s IP crazy tech world.

We will sit down with you and discuss what you want to use your network for and give you some ideas that you might not have known were possible. The design you receive from us will have everything laid out for you. You can see which computers will have access to what data, and where each of these devices will be located on the network.

If you have an existing network that you would like to revamp, no problem. We can use a combination of current, and new equipment to get your network functioning like it should. Whether its an existing or brand spanking new network, JBM will have it running smoothly and securely so that your family can stop worrying about what a subnet mask is, and just start enjoying the computer.

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