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ISF and HAA Calibration of your Display and Surround Sound System will Ensure it will Look and Sound its Absolute Best!


Professional Calibration: Maximizing Your Investment, Big Screen, and Surround Sound Experience


JBM Automation is the only company in Western Michigan that has BOTH HAA and ISF certified calibrators on staff!

As a Home Theater enthusiast, you expect the most from your big screen and surround sound investment, including the best possible picture images, sound, the longest possible display life, and optimum energy efficiency. Professional display and surround sound calibration can deliver these benefits. 

Why Calibrate a Display and Surround Sound?


There are many factors that degrade the big screen viewing experience and influence how the big screen display looks and performs. Here are some examples:


  •  Factory display settings are established by marketing experts to attract buyers. These settings degrade the picture, shorten the display life, and waste energy. Furthermore, improper settings can lead to viewing fatigue.
  •  The viewing environment greatly impacts the big screen viewing experience. Room lighting influences how our eyes perceive picture contrast and colors.
  •  Component aging within the display causes degradation in light output and often shifts color background or greyscale.
  • Video is only 50% of the experience.  Calibrating your Surround Sound guarantees that you and your guest are getting the absolute best audio experience.
  • Multiple sweet spots for sound is the goal for the surround sound.  You don't want only one seat to be able to enjoy the experience!


Color Space CalibrationDisplay  analyzes and treats these issues to bring out the BEST video images the display can offer. Professional Display Calibration delivers the following benefits:


  •  Provides a sharper, more focused, film-like picture
  •  Brings out more visible detail in the darkest or lightest parts of the picture
  •  Improves color accuracy for a lifelike color reproduction (flesh tones, grass, sky, and sports jerseys)
  •  Optimizes the display settings for room lighting and to reduce eye fatigue
  •  Extends the display’s useable life (up to 2x longer than factory settings)
  •  Reduces energy consumption by an average of 10-20%


Surround Sound analyzes and treats these issues to bring out the BEST audio your processor can offer. Professional Surround Sound Calibration delivers the following benefits:




Clarity is the prime acoustical goal because its perfection depends on the successful attainment of all other goals. Of paramount importance is dialogue intelligibility in movies, but one must be able to understand musical lyrics, detect quiet background details, and sense realism for acoustical sounds. Elements that affect this goal are varied including equipment quality, room reverberation levels, ambient noise levels, and listener position, among others.




The ability to precisely locate each reproduced sonic cue or image in a three-dimensional space is defined as acoustical focus. Recordings contain many such images superimposed side to side and front to back in every direction for 360 degrees around the listener. A system is said to have pin-point focus if, from the perspective of the listener, each of these images is properly sized, precisely located, and not wandering. Good focus also provides that individual images be easily distinguishable from amongst others within the limits of the recordings quality.




An audio system should reproduce virtual images of each recorded sound presenting the listener with its apparent source location in a three-dimensional space. Each sonic image relates a part of the recorded event, and together these sounds compose a wrap- around soundstage that envelopes the listener. Proper envelopment requires that the soundstage be seamless for 360 degrees without interruption by holes or hot spots caused by speaker level imbalance or poor placement. While envelopment requires three-dimensional imaging of all sonic cues, of pivotal importance is the realistic recreation of the ambient sound field of the recorded venue. Focused sounds become more realistic as they move side to side and front to back with the backdrop of the ambient sounds of the intended venue.




Dynamics is simply defined as the difference between the softest and loudest sounds reproducible by a sound system. While much emphasis is placed on the loudness side, it can be shown that the audibility of the softest sounds is an equal measure of system performance. Among the acoustical requirements for proper envelopment, focus and clarity is the necessity of hearing the sonic cues relating these qualities. If they are overwhelmed by excessive ambient noise or reverberation in a room, they are not properly audible. At a minimum, a system must be capable of reproducing loud passages with ease and without excess, while soft sounds remain easily audible.




The frequency response of a system is a measurement of the relative levels of all reproduced audio frequencies. The smoothness of response can be observed in a variety of ways; as improper tonal balance including boomy bass, excessive treble, improper musical timbre, or a general lack of realism. Factors of importance include selection of high quality components, and proper system set-up, including (in a small room) proper listener position, speaker position, and correct use of equalization. At a minimum, the system must be non-fatiguing all sound levels, articulate, and faithful to the original signal.


So as you can see, the importance of calibration is quite simple, you pay A LOT of money for your home theater hardware. Without calibration, you will never be able to see or hear what it is truly capable of. ISF and HAA Calibration will get your system to accurately reproduce the sites and sounds of what the director envisioned. Here are some quotes from some much more famous Home Theater People:


Leaving your HDTV at the factory picture settings is like installing a new air conditioner without setting the thermostat. Basic picture adjustments take less than five minutes and could improve your TV's performance dramatically! -- Brent Butterworth, Editor-in-Chief, Home Entertainment Magazine


Calibrating your Television will likely have a far greater impact on the picture's quality than the brand, features, or technology used to create it. -- Mike Wood, Editor-in-Chief, Digital TV & Sound


Every Runco HDTV is engineered for ISF Calibration. Understanding TV calibration is simple at our company - calibrating Runco HDTV's insures happy Runco HDTV owners. Period. -- Sam Runco, Runco International


We manufacturer Faroudja HD Processors, HDTV displays, and Meridian DVD players. We consider ISF Calibration to be an essential last step in optimizing your system to achieve the same performance as we do in the lab. Over the years myself and all of my sales guys have attended ISF training and always carry calibration DVD's whenever we visit our dealers. -- Norm Steinke, VP Sales Faroudja / Meridian


Pioneer Plasma HDTV's are specifically engineered for precise on site ISF Calibration - Pioneer was the 1st manufacturer with ISFccc certification - calibration will make even the best HDTV's look even better by adjusting your HDTV to the exact lighting in your own home. -- Josh Kairoff, Pioneer Electronics USA


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 JBM Automation did an amazing job with my home theater/presentation room! Not only did they give me an awesome home theater, but they integrated the system to work with my Mac computers. I have a system that is great for watching movies, and also works as a great presentation tool for my business. I recommend JBM Automation to anyone who wants to enjoy a true home theater experience with an efficient system that is very user friendly. Thank you JBM Automation!

Rene Rodriguez: Designed, Installed, Calibrated Home Theater / Studio

I have been in business for 40 years and my husband has been in business a few years more; so we have been customers of many, many companies. Today, there are many companies that can provide equipment for audio visual, home theater, security, etc. but most of them don't provide the service and for us, what always makes the difference is service. Complete, professional service. With JBM Automation, not only is there state of the art equipment and attention to detail, but the service before and after the sale is superior as well. Neither my husband nor I understand technology easily. JBM took the extra time to thoroughly explain everything until it was understandable to us. The attention that was given to us may have frustrated other companies but I was always assured that JBM Automation would "be there" whenever I needed help or an explanation. And their responsiveness is also extremely impressive. We couldn't be happier with our choice of JBM Automation.

Jacque Jennings Carter: Design and Installed Smart Home with Whole House Audio / Video

Jason has to be the most knowledgeable person that I know about electronics and home theater systems. When discussing what type of set up is wanted, Jason asks small questions that seem little but in the long run will make your theater tweaked to fit your individual desire or situation. Having seen and listened to his equipment and his expertise, I willingly recommend his services to anyone that I know that is in the market for, or is thinking of a home theater.

Glenn Owens Jr.: Design and Installed Home Theater

JBM offers and amazing array of services to make your business or home do whatever it is you need it to do, nothing is out of their realm when it comes to technology.

Amir Khillah: Audio, Video and Security at Lightning Kicks

Jason is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and professional contractors I've dealt with. Worked with him on two of my houses, and I was always overly pleased with the end product. Bottom line is that Jason knows his stuff, and you won't go broke working with him.

Eric Boersma: Audio, Video, Automation, Networking

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