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Whole House Audio Distribution Systems


Your Soundtrack in Every Room of your Home!


Whole House AudioEveryone's life has a soundtrack.  JBM will enable you to listen to your soundtrack in every room of your house.  Whole House Audio creates a warm feeling that the whole family will love and will allow you, and your family,  to enjoy their music collection in any or every room in the house.


Your son can listen to his iPod in his room, while you listen to Satellite radio in the living room and your daughter listens to her favorite radio station in her room. You can have multiple sources in multiple rooms, all completely independent of each other.


JBM Automation can put your music where you want to listen to it. Lounging in the back yard, working in the garage, or shooting hoops in the driveway.  No matter where your life takes you around the house, we can get your soundtrack to follow!


We have stylish keypads, high quality electronics, and good looking speakers that can disappear into the room’s decor and they are all easy to use. Not only will your system sound great, but it will look great. In today's modern home, JBM Automation understands that pleasing to the eye is just as important as pleasing to the ear. We can create a great looking, fantastic sounding system that will become a part of your everyday life!


JBM Automation proudly installs ADA, Control4 and Nuvo Products for Whole House Audio Distribution.


Contact Us today, and let's start planning the soundtrack of your life!

What Clients Say About Us

 JBM Automation did an amazing job with my home theater/presentation room! Not only did they give me an awesome home theater, but they integrated the system to work with my Mac computers. I have a system that is great for watching movies, and also works as a great presentation tool for my business. I recommend JBM Automation to anyone who wants to enjoy a true home theater experience with an efficient system that is very user friendly. Thank you JBM Automation!

Rene Rodriguez: Designed, Installed, Calibrated Home Theater / Studio

I have been in business for 40 years and my husband has been in business a few years more; so we have been customers of many, many companies. Today, there are many companies that can provide equipment for audio visual, home theater, security, etc. but most of them don't provide the service and for us, what always makes the difference is service. Complete, professional service. With JBM Automation, not only is there state of the art equipment and attention to detail, but the service before and after the sale is superior as well. Neither my husband nor I understand technology easily. JBM took the extra time to thoroughly explain everything until it was understandable to us. The attention that was given to us may have frustrated other companies but I was always assured that JBM Automation would "be there" whenever I needed help or an explanation. And their responsiveness is also extremely impressive. We couldn't be happier with our choice of JBM Automation.

Jacque Jennings Carter: Design and Installed Smart Home with Whole House Audio / Video

Jason has to be the most knowledgeable person that I know about electronics and home theater systems. When discussing what type of set up is wanted, Jason asks small questions that seem little but in the long run will make your theater tweaked to fit your individual desire or situation. Having seen and listened to his equipment and his expertise, I willingly recommend his services to anyone that I know that is in the market for, or is thinking of a home theater.

Glenn Owens Jr.: Design and Installed Home Theater

JBM offers and amazing array of services to make your business or home do whatever it is you need it to do, nothing is out of their realm when it comes to technology.

Amir Khillah: Audio, Video and Security at Lightning Kicks

Jason is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and professional contractors I've dealt with. Worked with him on two of my houses, and I was always overly pleased with the end product. Bottom line is that Jason knows his stuff, and you won't go broke working with him.

Eric Boersma: Audio, Video, Automation, Networking

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