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Automation Solutions Specializing in Fanuc Roboitcs Based out of Kalamazoo Michigan


Your Automation and Fanuc Robotics Specialists


JBM Automation is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We are an automation firm that specializes in automation with Fanuc Robots.  We also work with Allen-Bradley PLC's and HMI's, and Cognex/DVT Vision Systems. We take a different approach when it comes to automation. We listen to the customer. We let the customer tell us what their controls, robotic, HMI, and vision needs are, and then provide a common sense solution to meet those needs. We feel that keeping things simple, and not trying to impress by over-complicating things is the best way to accomplish automation goals. By doing this, JBM Automation is able to provide top-notch consulting, programming, and customer service by giving the customer exactly what they want, while keeping the over all cost much lower than our competitors.


Fanuc Welding RobotAutomation of tasks such as welding, material handling, palletizing, sealing, and assembly saves money, increases production, and produces higher quality parts.  In other words, automation makes your company more profitable.


Adding automation to a factory generally requires a high initial investment, but the ROI time is minimal. To combat this, a well designed project is essential.  With our automation partners, we offer customized solutions to your factory's customized challenges.  Some of the benefits that come from adding automation are:


  • Labor force is reduced and / or productivity is improved
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Floor space is utilized more efficiently
  • Improvement in quality and reliability
  • Process consistency
  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction in production costs


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