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Distributed Audio

A nicely designed distributed audio system can improve the ambience of your establishment, studies have shown that distributed audio video systems influence customer spending as well. Customers stay longer and spend more when they're enjoying themselves.

When you work with the experts at JBM Automation to design and install your distributed audio system, we'll take into account all of the technical factors. From aesthetics to volume level and coverage, distributed audio systems take careful planning. It's what we do every day.

JBM Automation distributed audio video
High-def everywhere

 Video Distribution

Managing multiple televisions and cable-boxes in a commercial setting can be a real headache without the proper systems in place. From sports bars to restaurants, customers expect to have televisions strategically placed throughout your establishment.

JBM automation makes it easy to control the video distribution. Play HD video from a variety of sources, and control them all from one simple interface.

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 Control Systems

Whatever business you're in, from restaurants and sports bars to hospitality and boardrooms, we'll create an unmatched experience with our distributed audio video solutions. We'll help you streamline your processes with our easy to use control systems and enhance your guest's experience at the same time.

Even automate the lighting, climate, and shades for a truly one of a kind experience that your customers will come back to experience again and again. All the while adding to your bottom line.

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