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Wifi networks

The wifi network in your home is the foundation for the rest of the technology you own. From your printer, and mobile-phone to your gaming system, television, even your refrigerator, it seems nearly everything in your home connects to your Wifi network.

If your Wifi network is weak, the rest of the devices suffer. Take the worry out of your network with the professionally installed wifi equipment and expertise from JBM Automation.
Wifi is the foundation of your smart home
Our philosophy

 Use strong passwords

Don't rely on a "good enough" routers from the cable company that lack the performance your family needs. Cable company routers are typically rated for a 1000-1500 sq. ft home. If you live in a larger home, your wifi signal suffers.

That makes working from home, playing games, and streaming movies a problem. The average home has between 20-40 devices that can connect to the network, make sure your Wifi network is up to the challenge. Use strong passwords, we'll handle the rest.

Think outside the box

 Take it

We rely on Wifi to get work done and to have fun, listening to music, streaming movies. The party doesn't need to stop because you're beyond the four walls of your home.

JBM Automation can install Wireless Access Points (WAPs) into your system giving you the ability to enjoy the same secure high speed internet outside, poolside, and anywhere on your property.

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