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A little more control is needed in every business. Lights, temperature audio / video and energy systems, automate them all to make your business more effective, more efficient, and let's face it, more cool. Even the smallest commercial control project delivers a big impact on your bottom line.

Our control solutions integrate easily with your existing infrastructure and enable communication between all devices.
JBM Automation control systems for business
Business automation

 Improved efficiency

You have enough to worry about as a business owner without letting your business technology distract you from your busy day. JBM Automation will improve your operating efficiencies with a complete commercial control system. Control the lighting, music, video and temperature to create the perfect customer experience, and since it's automated, it's easy and repeatable.

With a single button tap lights turn on, music starts, temperature adjusts, and TVs turn on automatically. No running from television to television, no changing the radio station, and no fidgeting with the thermostat. Even keep an eye on your business —from anywhere. With a control system by JBM Automation, your business is never too far away.

Our dedication

  Business technology

Every person at JBM Automation is an asset. They are highly trained and certified. At every level of skill, from the technician who runs the wire, which is the back bone of any system, to the programmer that makes that complex system simple to operate, we all love what we do and none of us are happy unless we exceed your expectations.

Every control system that we design and install is crafted to our exacting details based on our clients wants and needs. We truly are custom integrators.

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