Richland Condo

The location

JBM Automation was approached by a builder to make their model condo more appealing to tech-savvy customers by wiring the whole house for audio without breaking the bank. JBM chose a cost-effective single source, multi-zone system solution, with the home theater/media room in the basement as the showcase of the project featuring 5.1 surround sound and a 100" screen controlled by Control4 for easy operation. The builder also requested a camera system for property oversight during development.


Richland Condo Project
clearly defined goals

Our approach

At JBM Automation, we approach every project with a customer-focused approach. Our process starts with an initial meeting with the builder to understand their vision and goals for the project. Based on this, we create a complete design that includes all necessary technology solutions, such as whole house audio, home theater, surveillance, home networking, and WiFi.

Once the design is approved, we prewire the home with future-proofing in mind, ensuring that it can accommodate any changes or upgrades in the future. We then install the hardware and program the smart home system to meet the client's specific wants and needs. Our goal is to deliver a seamless, integrated technology experience that enhances the comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal of the home.

What we used

 The products

Some of the gear selected for the Richland Condo project.

Home Theater
  • 5.1 surround sound with Truaudio speakers.
  • 3 Truaudio ghost inwall behind the screen
  • 2 truaudio in-ceiling for surround
  • Truaudio Trunami in-wall sub powered by a Truaudio amp
  • Dragonfly 100 in. AcoustiWeave Film Screen with Black Velvet Frame
  • BenQ HT1075 DLP Projector Silver, later upgraded to a Sony 4k Projector
  • NAD Surround Sound Receiver
  • NAD Bluray player
  • Control4 EA-1 Controller with remote control
  • Forge Rack and power conditioner.
Whole House Audio
  • 5 zones of audio, single source with volume controls.
  • Master Bed: 2 Truaudio Ghost Speakers.
  • Master Bath: 2 Truaudio Ghost Speakers.
  • Great Room/Kitchen: 4 Truaudio Ghost Speakers.
  • Guest Bed: 2 Truaudio Ghost Speakers.
  • Rec Room: 2 Truaudio Ghost Speakers.
  • Powered by a Truaudio 6 zone, 12 channel amplifier

  • Audio source is an echo dot. One in the great room and one in the rack. This allows them to use voice to get the music going from the great room. "Alexa, play Queen station on the Rack Dot" and the music starts.
  • Luxul wireless router and switch, later upgraded to Pakedge.
  • Ubiquiti point-to-point bridge to get internet to the gazebo for the cameras.
  • Surveillance
  • 4 LTS cameras with NVR Builder used this as a model condo before selling. He used the cameras to watch over the whole property. 2 on the condo and 2 on the gazebo. The 2 on the condo over saw the phase one property and the 2 on the gazebo, watched the entry and exit of the complex.

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