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Video calibration

As a home theater enthusiast, you expect the most from your big screen and surround sound investment, including the best possible picture, sound, the longest possible display life, and optimum energy efficiency. Professional display and surround sound calibration can deliver these benefits.
JBM Automation is the only company in Western Michigan that has BOTH HAA and ISF certified calibrators on staff.
JBM Automation home theater solutions
Our philosophy

 Audio calibration

Calibrating your Surround Sound guarantees that you and your guests are getting the absolute best audio experience. Multiple sweet spots for sound is the goal for the surround sound. You don't want only one seat to be able to enjoy the experience!

ISF and HAA Calibration will deliver a home theater system that accurately reproduces the film experience as the director intended it to be.

Picture perfect

 Smart home technology

Having your projector, television, and surround system installed by an ISF Certifed integrator like JBM Automation, delivers a home theater experience that is second to none:

  • Provides a sharper, more focused, film-like picture.
  • Reduces eye fatigue by optimizing display settings.
  • Extends the life of the display (up to 2x longer than factory settings).
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 20%.
  • Improves color accuracy for a lifelike reproduction.

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