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Sound masking

A sound masking system is a distributed audio sound system that emits a low-level non-distracting masking noise. JBM Automation can tailor your system to reduce far-field speech intelligibility and improve speech privacy.
Sound masking is also effectively used to reduce distracting adjacent office noise, traffic or other unwanted noise to improve the work environment. Giving your employees the privacy they need to stay productive.

JBM Automation sound masking installations
Our philosophy

 Tune the room

Every space has it’s own acoustic signature requiring a specific sound masking noise curve to be tuned for the desired curve in a given space. JBM Automation has successfully implemented sound masking solutions for businesses across western Michigan since 2002.

The benefits

 Increased productivity

Some of the benifits of having a properly installed Sound Masking / White Noise System installed are:

  • Speech privacy increased by 50%
  • Productivity increases of 13% - 20% when other conversations that cause a distraction were reduced to acceptable levels
  • Employee satisfaction increases up to 175%
  • Stress levels in the work place are reduced 300% to 500%
  • Return on investment on financial models
  • A quieter work environment is perceived

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