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Climate control

Adding your HVAC, radiant flooring, forced air, even geothermal systems to your smart home means the temperature in your home is always perfect. Adjust the heat from a touchscreen or smartphone, from down the hall or downtown. Even light the fireplace without leaving the sofa.
The comfort and convenience of a smart home.
Security cameras

 Keep an eye on things

We've all seen the videos of packages stolen from the front porches of homes across America. Protect your family and your property with high-definition security cameras discretely placed around your home and property.

Check in on home from anywhere in the world—right from your smartphone. You'll have piece of mind knowing that your cameras are watching and recording 24 hours a day.

Our Core Strength

 Intercom anywhere

More than just a connection to the front door, Intercom Anywhere lets the family stay connected across the globe. Babysitter not answering? With auto-answer enabled on your Control4 Touch Screens, you can dial into and be instantly video-connected to any room from your mobile device.

Misplaced your phone? Control4 keeps you connected! Simply call a family member’s cell phone right from a touch screen on the wall or sitting on the kitchen counter.

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