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The tremendous popularity of streaming music has made whole-house audio systems more popular than ever before. From Pandora to Spotify to Apple Music it seems everyone in your family has their favorite music streaming service.

We design and install whole-house audio systems that blend seamlessly into the design of your home and work with your favorite music streaming services.
Whole-house audio installations
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 Wholehouse video

Wake up in the morning listening to your favorite Pandora station, or enjoy classic rock in the den while the kitchen plays Top 40. Control the volume of individual rooms from an easy to use remote control, or with the app on your phone or tablet.

Best of all, the whole-house audio speakers blend into the walls and ceilings, filling your entire home with the music you love where you want it.

Our Core Strength

 Working together

Whole-house audio systems can work alone or be part of your larger Control4 smart home automation system; it's up to you. You can even start your whole-house audio system in one or two rooms and add rooms later.

When you talk with the smart home experts at JBM Automation, we'll design, install and maintain a whole-house audio system that's perfect for your family.

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