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"The ultimate promise of technology is to make us master of a world that we command by the push of a button."

~ Volker Grassmuck

Home Theater, Automation, Audio, and Video Solutions for Kalamazoo, Southwest Michigan, the Lake Shore and Beyond


Simplifying Lives with Automation, Home Theater, Audio, Video,
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JBM Automation specializes in automation for residential, commercial, and manufacturing.  Home Theater, Smart Home Design, Lighting Control, Energy Management, Commercial Audio Video, Fanuc Robotics, whatever your automation needs are, JBM Automation has the skill set to make it happen. Automation, on any level, is what we do.  Please contact us and find out how we can simplify and enhance every aspect of your life.


Are you looking for a Home Theater?  Do you own a Sports Bar, and would like suggestions on how an Audio Video revamp can increase your business?  Are you looking for a way to automate a process using robotics that will make your business more efficient?   All great automation systems start with a great design, and design is what we do best.  The most common question we get is, "Is this possible?"  The answer is yes!  Tell us your dreams, and let us make them come true!


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It All Starts With A Solid Design.

JBM Automation's design process is quite simple. We will sit down with you and listen to what your needs are and then design a system that will be easy to use for years to come.

Complete System Design

Control and monitor every aspect of your home.  Start a movie in the home theater with a push of a button.  Have the lighting system become a romantic scene for date night.  Monitor your property from your smart phone while you are away for busniess.  There is so much that is possible when your house is a Smart Home

Turn movie night into a family event with a JBM Home Theater.  We are the only company with both ISF and HAA certified calibrators on staff.  What does this mean?  It means that no matter what your budget, your Home Theater will sound and look the absolute best it can.

"I don't think we would ever use it."  That is comment we get a lot from someone who has never had Whole House Audio.  Once they get their music in every room, it changes to "I don't know how we lived with out it!"  Whole House Audio is one of the features in a home that will get used every single day, it will increase the resale value of your home, and it allows you to have dance parties in every single room.  

Having a solid Home Network is the single most important feature of a Smart Home.  If your network is not reliable, neither is anything else.  Every JBM system that goes in has a rock solid network build in to the design.  This allows all the devices on the network to be able stream and pass data without an issue as well as provide complete WiFi converage of the entire property.  The is nothing more frustrating than moving from room to room and losing your WiFi.  That will not happen with our systems, period!

Brann's Steakhouse, Applebee's, Kalamazoo Beer Exchange, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.....These are just a few of our commerical customers.  Audio and video distribution with a rock solid control system allows you to focus on what you are good at.  This equals more profits for you, and less head ache for your staff.  Contact us today with any audio video automation questions you might have!

Our Foundation is Customer Service

JBM Automation's is here to serve our customers. We have a Better Business Bureau Ranking of A+ and more 5 star Google reviews than any of our competitors.

Service that is second to none. JBM will exceed your expectations.

At the free consultation we will sit down and discuss how you live your day to day lives.  What type of things do you like to do at the home.  Do you like to entertain?  Do you like watching movies?  Do you travel a lot for business?  These are some of the questions we will ask you to get a sense of how you live so we can design a system that will be custom to you.  

The next step will be designing your custom system that is taylored to the way you live.  This will be a complete system with everything included.  It will include the following:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Racking
  • Networking
  • Control
  • Power
  • Security

There will be no surpirses, no add on costs.  This will be a complete system, and the price you see, is the price it is.

Once the design is approved we will get going on the installation.  JBM installs with two major things in mind.  Future proofing and Aesthetics.  We want our systems to look as good as they sound, so rest assured, yours will!

The programming of the control system  is typically the most important step witih regards to customer satisfaction.  It doesn't matter how high end the system is if the client is not able to control it simply and intutivly.  This really is where JBM shines.  All of our system are "Baby Sitter Proof."  This means that even your baby sitter will be able to pick up the remote and operate your system.

Once the system is installed, the next step is to bring in our ISF and HAA certified calibrators to calibrate the system.  This will ensure that your system will sound and look as good as it possibly can.  It will also extend the life of the system and reduce needed service calls.

Once the installation is complete, the real job begins.  Supporting you after the install.  We set up yearly meetings with you so we let you know of any new technology that might be of interest to you as well as just to say hi.  In the rare case that you have any issues with your system before that yearly meeting, you can contact us at any time, and will get the problem fixed ASAP!  Every customer has the owner's phone number.  He does not like any of our systems having problems and ensures it is fixed...with the quickness.  Bottom line is JBM is here for you, if you ever have and questions, comments, or concerns , please get a hold of us!

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What Clients Say About Us

 JBM Automation did an amazing job with my home theater/presentation room! Not only did they give me an awesome home theater, but they integrated the system to work with my Mac computers. I have a system that is great for watching movies, and also works as a great presentation tool for my business. I recommend JBM Automation to anyone who wants to enjoy a true home theater experience with an efficient system that is very user friendly. Thank you JBM Automation!

Rene Rodriguez: Designed, Installed, Calibrated Home Theater / Studio

I have been in business for 40 years and my husband has been in business a few years more; so we have been customers of many, many companies. Today, there are many companies that can provide equipment for audio visual, home theater, security, etc. but most of them don't provide the service and for us, what always makes the difference is service. Complete, professional service. With JBM Automation, not only is there state of the art equipment and attention to detail, but the service before and after the sale is superior as well. Neither my husband nor I understand technology easily. JBM took the extra time to thoroughly explain everything until it was understandable to us. The attention that was given to us may have frustrated other companies but I was always assured that JBM Automation would "be there" whenever I needed help or an explanation. And their responsiveness is also extremely impressive. We couldn't be happier with our choice of JBM Automation.

Jacque Jennings Carter: Design and Installed Smart Home with Whole House Audio / Video

Jason has to be the most knowledgeable person that I know about electronics and home theater systems. When discussing what type of set up is wanted, Jason asks small questions that seem little but in the long run will make your theater tweaked to fit your individual desire or situation. Having seen and listened to his equipment and his expertise, I willingly recommend his services to anyone that I know that is in the market for, or is thinking of a home theater.

Glenn Owens Jr.: Design and Installed Home Theater

JBM offers and amazing array of services to make your business or home do whatever it is you need it to do, nothing is out of their realm when it comes to technology.

Amir Khillah: Audio, Video and Security at Lightning Kicks

Jason is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and professional contractors I've dealt with. Worked with him on two of my houses, and I was always overly pleased with the end product. Bottom line is that Jason knows his stuff, and you won't go broke working with him.

Eric Boersma: Audio, Video, Automation, Networking

Commercial Solutions

Complete system control
Audio Distribution
Multi-Zone Audio
Complete System Design
On Site Advertising
Audio Video Layout
System Installation and Maintenance
Video Distribution
HVAC (temperature control)
Energy Management
Digital Signage
Video Conferencing
and much more....


Learn how technology like lighting control, simple automation, and even music can increase your bottom line!

Manufacturing Solutions

Robot Application Design
Robot Setup
Robot Simulation
Robot Programming and Support
Specializing in Fanuc Robotics
Robot Vision Solutions
On Site Support
Robot Upgrades
Robot Troubleshooting and Reprogramming
PLC programming
Interference Zones
Material Handling
Complete cell design is available from design to run off, with our partners
and much more...


Learn more how using Fanuc Robots, and other forms of automation can increase productivity and keep manufacturing alive in the USA!

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